AVTR is a monumental movie, but I'm here to discuss the errors that could've made mer sense:</P>

James Cameron's Avatar: A Blog Post on The Things That Could've Made Life Easier on Pandora

The RDA really did not have to wear exopacks. Why, because

they were so frickin' greedy that before setting up the global colonizations all

over Pandora, they could have just set up Atmosphere Processors (like LV-426 in

Aliens) to make the air breathable so after they set up the processors, they

could have colonies galore. Therefore, they could go packless except fer some

areas. Next: How did Quaritch know where the link was? After he crashed the link

shack, he could've just stabbed Neytiri and slit Jake. On the other hand, how was he going to get to the Tree of Souls and destroy it when he has no d-cutters? I mean, he has no cannon. No anything, so that's messed up. Last: The RDA needed to immediately start mining for Unobtanium after Kelutral was torn down. I just thought that this would make a pretty intresting topic. Peace. Out.

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