Just came back from the re-release almost three hours ago in IMAX 3D. That was the full story of Avatar. It was great. I loved the scenes where Trudy points out the sturmbeests, the sturmbeest hunt, and the aftermath of the bulldozer destruction, as well as the scene where an AMP is fighting a sturmbeest but the beestie wins. My buddy Keith was complaining: Why did'nt James Cameron just put all the filmed 18-27 minutes of footage into the original theatrical release? I just care about the November 4-disc ultimate edition. I See You.

If you watch it, you will see:

A. Food Wraps filled with some kind of fruit or nut

B.In a funny scene where Jake steps on a Na'vi's tail, there is a group of Teylu to the left of the screen.

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