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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    There's a section of the Avatar Soundtrack, track #13: War, that i can't find it's film counterpart for.


    Now, the section in mind appears around 7:00, and continues for about 20 seconds. I listened to the soundtrack while watching the battle, but it doesn't seem to sync up quite right. I'm hoping for my fellow contributors to help me with this, as I've exhausted every possibilty. I even came across a version of "WAR" labeled: "film version", but it too has this particular piece of musik, just not in the same place, as there is a small change of score near the begining.

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the plot of Avatar and the Battle of Little Big Horn? The Battle of Little Big Horn was caused when the US goverment wanted the land the native tribes contolled. Much like how the quasi-gov't RDA wanted the land belonging to the Na'vi. The US sent the Army into the native Americans' villages and destroyed them, just as the RDA had ex-marines and ex-armymen and women destroy the Na'vi Kelutral. The native American tribes combined forcesd and were led (most notably) by Carzy Horse. The Na'vi tribes combined forces and were led by Toruk Makto. The Native Americans fought a smaller force who had greater fire power. In Avatar "We're going up aginast gunships with bows and arrows", as said by Trud…

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Found a Goof!

    February 20, 2011 by Jhayk' Sulliy

    While watching Avatar (of course, what else would I be doing?), I think I found a goof. Before Kelutral is destroyed, Lyle Wainfleet yells, "Yeah baby, get some!", and at the same time he shifts himself. I noticed there is another gunner behind him, and when Lyle shifts, the other gunner shifts IN THE EXACT SAME WAY! I believe that the other gunner was probably just a mirror of Lyle, and Cameron figured that 1/1000 people would catch this. I've seen Avatar over 50x, and this was the first time I even noticed the gunner behind Lyle. Watch the scene, see if you can see it, and tell me if I really did see what I thought I saw...

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Avatar on HBO

    November 7, 2010 by Jhayk' Sulliy

    Avatar aired tonight on HBO, at 7:00 pm CT. What are your thoughts on it? I watched it, and remembered why I fell in love with this movie in the first place. It can't be put into words, because this movie is just too darn spectacular, fantastic, grand, beautiful, wonderful, stunning, amazing, awesome, awe inspiring, triumphant, thunderous, great, cool, good, super, excellant, what ever you want to call it, it's that ( as long as it's positive).

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Does anyone know where to find a list of the theaters that Avatar will be in? I tried, but it was way too slow.

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