Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the plot of Avatar and the Battle of Little Big Horn? The Battle of Little Big Horn was caused when the US goverment wanted the land the native tribes contolled. Much like how the quasi-gov't RDA wanted the land belonging to the Na'vi. The US sent the Army into the native Americans' villages and destroyed them, just as the RDA had ex-marines and ex-armymen and women destroy the Na'vi Kelutral. The native American tribes combined forcesd and were led (most notably) by Carzy Horse. The Na'vi tribes combined forces and were led by Toruk Makto. The Native Americans fought a smaller force who had greater fire power. In Avatar "We're going up aginast gunships with bows and arrows", as said by Trudy, andthe SecOPs were not as large an army as the combo of the Na'vi tribes. During the Battle, the Army was led by General Custer, who died in the battle. In Avatar, the RDA forces were led by Colonel Quaritch, who died in the battle. The Battle of Little Big Horn was won by the native Americans. In Avatar, the battle was won by the Na'vi.

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