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Na'vi Traits in Humans?

I find that I have a particular trait that not any of my friends have: I have exceptionaly strong/dense bones. When I was seven years old, I fell out of a tree, from a height of Twenty feet. I blacked out for a second, but was able to crawl back to my house(the tree was in my back yard) with nothing but a few scrapes and briuses. After about a month, I still had a limp, and my mom insisted I go to a hospitol. When the doctor took my X-rays, he could not believe that I did not break my leg(mearly bruised my femur bone), but was astounded that I was alive at all! Then a couple month back, I was running up a flight of stairs in my house, and slipped, and did a cartoon style backflipwards fall. I put out my arm to break my fall, and landedon it in a way that should have broken any normal persons arm. I then got right up and was completely fine. On another topic, my teeth(which are also bone, like anyone elses) have never had a cavity, nor ever been chipped. *crosses fingers*. And to date I have never chipped atooth, nor ever have I had a cavity, I also have never broken a leg, and never plan on it happening. SO... Do any of you have a trait in common withthe Na'vi?

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