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January 10, 2010
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    January 10, 2010 by Kates Egg Timer

    (Spoilers ahead) Seriously, what an overrated joke. I can't believe this thing is so popular, I guess the average moviegoer is just dazzled by the special effects, that way they won't look at the plot. I know, right about now every Avatar fanboy/girl is thinking about the comment they're going to write here. "OMFG YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MOVIES", but actually read this post before you just jump into it. Being a fan of Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez I was actually looking forward to this, but then I read a review saying it really was just effects and no story. My friend reassured me that was just one review and then BAM. As soon as I looked away from the dazzling effects and thought about the story, I realized what it was …

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