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  • KillerZ

    Na'vi Written Language

    December 12, 2016 by KillerZ

    I've seen this concept art related to Avatar movie several times, but for some reason I've dismissed it as fan art, and never paid much attention to it. Eventually I was able to find such an image with the Weta watermark, which raised it to official status. But I still dismissed it as a abandoned concept, since the Na'vi Language page tells us that they have no written language.

    But in my latest re-watch of Avatar, I noticed this concept image inside the Old School House. As shown on the right image. Does this mean that the Na'vi have some kind of rudimentary symbol system (pictographs) predating the writing system?

    Markings on the Weta rendering of the Eytukan bow. Markings on a war axe from Project 880 days. And marking on the Staff of Wii…

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  • KillerZ

    Avatar PC Unlocks

    August 2, 2015 by KillerZ

    Ever since the Ubi shut down the game servers, I've searched for info on how to get access to the unlocked weapons and armors we had. I think the files should be on our computer but somewhere in the code it says you need to connected to the server to see them, since it's user-based, or something like that. Is there a way to tell to the game I'm connected, while in reality I'm not. But it seems that since it's considered a bad game by the majority, the hackers and crackers are not interested in it also.

    The unlocks were the following:

    RDA: Argo Standard Issue Rifle, Dent Nail Gun, Signet Shotgun.
    Na’vi: PXI Crossbow, Ikran Axe, Tanshi Dual Blades.

    RDA: Buddy Flamethrower, Crusher Grenade Launchers, Stellar M60 Machine Gun.

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  • KillerZ

    Name Translations

    June 12, 2012 by KillerZ

    I recently noticed that most iPod characters have names with meanings.

    So, how would one go about translating the names, so that they'd sound correctly. Or would be slapping the two words together be fine too...

    Atanwey - Atan = light, wey = ?

    Eywaftia - Eywa = Eywa, ftia = study

    Frapohu - Frapo = Everyone, hu = with

    Maweytakuk - Mawey = calm, takuk = strike

    Niwintul - Niwin = fast, tul = run

    Tsamlok - Tsam = war, lok = close to

    Sevineyo - Sevin = pretty, eyo = ?

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  • KillerZ

    Avatar Games

    July 22, 2010 by KillerZ

    So, what I'd like to know is: Has someone here got their hands on Avatar: The Mobile Game or JC's Avatar iPod Game. I would like to know what new characters are there, thus far we only know of main characters and two Na'vi from screenshots. I believe those two games could add some more info to the avatar wikia, maybe even a new tribe, or at least new members to Omaticaya people (Ryan Lorenz was their hero after all, so he had to help them in somepoint).

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