Ever since the Ubi shut down the game servers, I've searched for info on how to get access to the unlocked weapons and armors we had. I think the files should be on our computer but somewhere in the code it says you need to connected to the server to see them, since it's user-based, or something like that. Is there a way to tell to the game I'm connected, while in reality I'm not. But it seems that since it's considered a bad game by the majority, the hackers and crackers are not interested in it also.

The unlocks were the following:

RDA: Argo Standard Issue Rifle, Dent Nail Gun, Signet Shotgun.
Na’vi: PXI Crossbow, Ikran Axe, Tanshi Dual Blades.

RDA: Buddy Flamethrower, Crusher Grenade Launchers, Stellar M60 Machine Gun.
Na’vi: Rawke Bow.

Na’vi: Tsteu Armor.

RDA: Warlock Dual Wasp, Mishetica Armor, Brasher Armor.

Also on a side note, did anyone by any chance took screenshots of those weapons, (I know the armors are done), I always assumed there's time, but here we are. Also since we have no access to the multiplayer part of the game, we can't change our default weapons, like Wasp guns and Bows, to check the stats and different looks to them.

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