• Kxetse a-ean

    Behind the Scenes

    January 15, 2010 by Kxetse a-ean

    I came across some behind-the-scenes footage after reading the Wikipedia article about Avatar. I don't know how I missed these videos before, but I was thrilled to see some of the production footage, and especially with seeing James Cameron at work. Also part two features quite a bit of the scoring sessions with James Horner and the orchestra. A real treat, if you ask me: Behind the Scenes of Avatar at

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  • Kxetse a-ean

    Good Lines, Bad Lines

    December 31, 2009 by Kxetse a-ean

    Avatar has received a lot of criticism for its dialog and lack of character depth. While I don't necessarily agree with this, I did find a few lines that felt out of place or wrong. But there were also few great lines and exchanges of dialog and expression. My apologies if I don't have these exactly word for word. Here's my list:

    Bad Lines, No Biscuit!

    • "We will fight terror with terror." -- Possibly one of the most out of place lines in the entire film. Project 880 (the scriptment) sheds light on why this was said, but it is hopelessly out of place in the final film. Also to many it is a Bush-ism, and nobody wants that guy soiling their Pandoran fantasy!
    • "That's right, you're mine now." -- Jake once he establishes Tsahaylu with his Ikran. I per…

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  • Kxetse a-ean

    Avatar Addiction

    December 30, 2009 by Kxetse a-ean

    Obviously many visitors to the Wiki are enthusiastic fans and probably as addicted as any of us who are contributing. I myself have become quite attached to the world of Pandora, and am quite happy to see it being so well received. I've seen to the 3D version four times with an IMAX viewing scheduled this weekend. The soundtrack has played nonstop and I've learned to play "I See You" on the piano by ear.

    So, how addicted are you? How many times have you seen the film? Did you get to meet any of the actors or creators of the film? Were you there on opening night, on the blue carpet in London?

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