• LarryKelley

    A dream come true.

    January 11, 2010 by LarryKelley

    In 1957-8 The Russians launched Sputnik. At that point the US government got worried and decided that school children needed to study more science.

    The government actually sent me recipes for solid rocket fuel, with which I promptly blew off part of my right hand, and my eardrums and etc.....

    But, it started me dreaming, dreaming about hunting dinosaurs in the jungles of Venus and flying in the skies of Mars.

    Alas, those dreams came to an end about 1962-63 when various inter-solar probes discovered that Venus is way too hot with a crushing atmosphere, and that Mars has virtually no atmosphere, and is far too cold and barren.

    Many people my age, had dreams smashed by those 1st space probes.

    We actually thought that by 2,000AD that there would be…

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