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    Just a link to the latest in copyright issues James Cameron is battling over Avatar

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    Back In Time

    January 6, 2013 by Liquidtango

    So after 3 years I come crawling back. But it's not what you think.

    Somehow, after watching Avatar so many times while it was in cinemas, I built up an irrational fear of not wanting to watch it at home just in case it wasn't as immersive and I accidentally broke the spell it had on me. Thus began 3 years of owning multiple copies, merchandise and posters but being completely unable to put the DVD in the player. 

    How wrong I was. My New Years resolution to finally watch it has payed of and it won't be long before I double my views :-)

    Proud to be part of the amazing Avatar community (I genuinely missed some of you guys but was ashamed of my unfaithfullness) and look forward to more of it. And maybe one day afford the trip to the US for Avatar…

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    The Passion of the Cast

    January 31, 2010 by Liquidtango

    So I was thinking (Again I know. And yes it is starting to hurt)

    Us here, and in fact people all over the world are enjoying Avatar imensley at the moment

    It's involving story and naturalist message have broken hearts all over the world. Currently it's the biggest

    and best movie in the world. Everytime we see it we're immersed in the ultimate fantasy, able to escape our

    lives for a short period to enjoy something truly fantastic. So. What about the cast?

    All the feelings we get while watching Avatar. Do they feel it?

    How can they when everytime they see it, they remember that day or how hard that scene was or see themselves

    and get pulled back to reality? To involve us in this, they've made the sacrifice of not being able to enjoy it on the

    level …

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    Avatar was just the tip of the iceberg my good friends.

    Just re-release is a 12 minute short story

    that James wrote himself

    Avatar aint got nothing on these special effects. The actors look

    even more real.....

    Warning: If you 42 and prone to medical problems, DO NOT WATCH!!

    Actually you probably shouldn't watch it anyway

    It's called Xenogenisis

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    More Funny Avatar

    January 22, 2010 by Liquidtango

    Here's some funny Avatar related videos I found. The first page has 2 Videos, both featuring Sigourney Weaver.

    The third video some of you WILL find OFFENSIVE to Avatar. I was deeply offended but somehow couldn't stop laughing

    I know. I'm screwed in the head. Don't hate me



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