So after 3 years I come crawling back. But it's not what you think.

Somehow, after watching Avatar so many times while it was in cinemas, I built up an irrational fear of not wanting to watch it at home just in case it wasn't as immersive and I accidentally broke the spell it had on me. Thus began 3 years of owning multiple copies, merchandise and posters but being completely unable to put the DVD in the player. 

How wrong I was. My New Years resolution to finally watch it has payed of and it won't be long before I double my views :-)

Proud to be part of the amazing Avatar community (I genuinely missed some of you guys but was ashamed of my unfaithfullness) and look forward to more of it. And maybe one day afford the trip to the US for Avatar meet. That would be epic

P.S. Does anyone still use the IRC channel?

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