I thought of this just now, is peaceful human coexistance even possible with another species if we encounter one in space? In an earlier post someone said that if the species we encountered was aquatic, there would be no problems. I say that would be problematic. Humans have expanded to such an extent that we are in controll of all possible transportation means on Earth, at this time. Say we go to another planet and the people there are aquatic and we couldn't fly around due to poor conditions of one sort oranother and we wanted to get to the next island or continent over. That would be possible only through sea travel. eventually, there would be nuermous sea lanes where ULCCs(Ulta large crude carriers) and ships of that scale would be crossing daily. Tensions would rise and we know what might follow. same for an avian race. What would you do if you had a major AFB operating close to your home or city with no regard for your compliance and safety and treated all the indigs (indiginous populations) with little to no respect? This is the question that I am posing. I am open to any and all responce to this.

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