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Possible New RDA Vehicles in A2

Sorry if this already exist, but has anyone given though as to the RDA vihecles that mat appear in A2? I had an idea, Why not take an AMP suit and instead of mounting it with a 30mm cannon, moun it with a rocket launcher. The suits have the cappacity to carry a 30mil with a few hundred or more rounds of ammo in them. Why not mount them with a couple of 2.75 in rocket pods with refills mounted on the back wher the ammo locker for the 30 would be mounted on a stock version. Also, have any of you read the book 1632 by Eric Flint, in it, a small west virginia mining town it somehow transported to the year 1632. In a battle there, the townspeople use their mining trucks like those shown at the beginning of Avatar, and use them as APCs. I am welcome to thoughts on this subject.

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