I was thinking of possible RDA tactics in Avatar 2. Has anyone here heard about Vietnam Airmobile tactics? What they did and correct me if I am wrong, would be to blast a hole in the jungle for around a day or so using artillery and airplanes. Then they would send in Hueys to start dropping off troops. Would the RDA try something like that? We know that they have access to aircraft, Willy Peter( White Phospherous, an extremely high and fast burning chemical) or napalm, and artillery.Also use S&A tactics. Roll in fast as you can with all guns blazing and shoot the crap out of everything that even looks like an enemy. It would also work if the RDA had access to tanks like an M-1 Abrams MBT. A WWII Sherman Crocidile tank would be a very potent weopon on any planet or location like Pandora. The crocidile is an M-4 mounted with a flamethrower inplace of a main gun. It would fire napalm, or jellyed gasoline. It was a very potent weapon in the Pacific campaign of WWII and also saw use in Europe.

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