As there has been some anomaly during the community voting regarding the Avatar Re-release Contest, we have decided to redo community voting.

We discussed this for a long time and came to the conclusion that, in order to make sure that the vote is as fair as possible, it has to be redone. We figured that the anonymous voting mechanism provided by Wikia is unsuited for ensuring a fair vote in this contest.

The new rules for community voting are as follows:

  1. Votes must be posted as comments to this blog post.
  2. You must have been a member of Avatar Wiki or for at least one week and made one post/edit to be eligible to vote.
  3. Members of Avatar Wiki must be logged in to vote.
  4. Members of the forums can vote without logging in, but must put their own nickname used in the forums at the end of the comment. Note that you may probably be contacted via PM by Faern at the forums to make sure that noone else votes in your name. If this happens, you have to reply within 24 hours to make your vote count.
  5. Only votes in this blog post will be counted.
  6. Comment only with the name of the contestant you wish to vote for (+your nickname for members).
  7. You are not allowed to change your vote (edit your message) after you post it. If you do, the vote will be dismissed. So read all five entries carefully before you vote.
  8. Voting will be closed on 30.09 at 23:00 UTC

List of finalists and their works:

  1. 212 Seconds, by HYperKnighT.
  2. Foreman, by Netwolk.
  3. Retaliation, by Ghaziya.
  4. Contest Entry by Sethy89.
  5. The Young Huntress, by Draginfli.

If you have any questions/comments please post them in the question blog of the contest. This blog post is reserved only for votes.

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