I never expected myself to creat a blog for this character but here we are.

Sure, he's a pretty minor character and has as much screen time as Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back but I like him as a side character primarily because everytime we hear him speak (which isn't very often), he's always making cocky comments such as "Look at all this fresh meat!", "Oh man, that is just wrooong.", "Yeah, baby, get some!", and "Alright ladies, let's bring the pain.", man, the quotes are endless!

I'll admit he's not a nice guy since he was pumped and ready to fire upon the Omaticaya's home when the Na'vi were present and vulnerable to do anything, and man, oh man, was he eager for blood during the assault on the Tree of Souls? The dude was totally having a blast firing bullets into the Na'vi cavalry.

I think we can all agree that he recieved the most hilarious death scene in the film, it always leaves me in stitches everytime I see it though I knew there are people who prefer the alternate death scene where Neytiri's thanator kills him but for me, it didn't have that satisfying feel to it like the titanothere death had.

Like the Eytukan page, this was made purely for the sake of it, and just for a little bit of discussion.

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