I have decided to dedicate a blog to Tsu'tey and hopefully give the character a little more exposure on the Avatar wiki. Personally, I think he is underrated along with both Trudy and Norm as most people talk about Jake, Neytiri and sometimes even Quaritch on this site, so here is a tribute to the character of Tsu'tey.

He is fierce, arrogant, cocky and brutal though despite all of this, he is honourable to those he feels deserve respect, such as Jake after he becomes Toruk Makto, he puts aside the hatred he once felt towards Jake and makes his peace with him, agreeing to fight alongside him against the RDA in the final battle. When he is dying from gunshots, he cares more about the wellfare of the Omaticaya than the fact that he is close to death, and pubicly honours Jake, right in front of the Na'vi present, including Neytiri.

I always felt that Tsu'tey had romantic feelings for Neytiri, and this is supported when she confirms to the clan that she and Jake have mated, the expression on his face is not anger or jealousy, but pure sadness, The fact that he subsequently attacked Jake also indicates that Tsu'tey had more than simply honouring tradition on his mind.

My favourite action sequence involving Tsu'tey is not during the final battle where he takes out a number of RDA soldiers while flying his Ikran and later on the Valkyrie shuttle, or when he and a war party emerge victorious over the troopers and bulldozers that destroyed all the Trees of Voices, but when he swoops in on his Ikran during the Sturmbeest hunt and manages to kill one of them with the greatest of ease while the other Na'vi hunters failed considerably, there is a reason he is the leader of the clan's warriors and hunters.

Finally, I always liked that, while he was quick to dismiss Grace's opinions in the past, he was generally worried for her when he learned from Jake that she was dying.

Overall, despite his arrogance, Tsu'tey knows honour and respect like no other, and has a good heart which is overshadowed by his darker side, but he cares about his clan and those in need of help, and that's what matters the most.

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