Is there anyone on this wiki that see Quaritch as more than just a villain? Would anyone say that he was simply a bad person or just a man doing his job?

My take on Quaritch has always been that of a guy simply doing what he is assigned to do but always letting his sadistic tendencies get in the way. For instance, he put Jake and Grace's lives at risk by pulling them out of their avatar links after already being warned by Norm that doing so is "very dangerous" but he went ahead and did it anyway. Punching a crippled person is a disgusting act of cowardice, no question about it. He allowed legions of Na'vi people to die in the Hometree's destruction while arrogantly drinking coffee, when he could've waited for them to evacuate first, and had a Samson land and cut both Jake and Grace's avatars from that wooden thing that they were tied up to, "it'll be humane" my butt! If Quaritch existed in real life and I learned that he was responsible for the deaths of countless women, children, and even babies, I'd be repulsed and sickened by his behaviour and carelessness. The part that always makes me laugh is when he tells everyone to put their masks on before going outside to stop the avatar team from escaping, he gives them ZERO time to find their masks and endangered their lives in the process, you can see them running around the room in panic after Quaritch allows the room to be filled with Pandoran air. I always felt the way he killed Trudy was unnecessarily cold, blowing her away with a missile like that, and the fact that he was willing to kill an unarmed and already defeated Neytiri while she was completely helpless to do anything.

On the other hand, he did promise to get Jake medical treatment for his legs in exchange for information on Hometree's structure so he had an honourable side to him that's overshadowed by his cold blooded nature.

Wherever he had anything to do with the death of Neytiri's sister prior to the events of the film is questionable so I'm not gonna discuss anything about that on this blog.

While the Na'vi aren't the perfect goodie two shoes themselves, Quaritch is a hell of a lot worse.

I'll be interested to read other people's takes on Quaritch.

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