For me, the best scene among the deleted footage is the fight between Jake and Tsu'tey, and man, oh man, what an awesome fight scene it was! The choreography was outstanding, it was obvious that both Sam Worthington (Jake) and Laz Alonso (Tsu'tey) gave it their all and put so much effort and commitment into that fight that it is understandable if they were both frustrated when the scene ended up on the cutting room floor, all that time and effort gone to waste! I also got a kick out of hearing Trudy call Quaritch an a**hole behind his back for being a jerk.

I loved the Dream Hunt, it had a real "out of this world" feel to it and was a very exciting sequence.

The festival where Tsu'tey and Jake have some drinks together and Tsu'tey praises Jake for his bravery, only to watch in anger as Jake and Neytiri have a dance, which also disturbs both Mo'at and Eytukan who are also watching. Great acting from both Sam and Laz, another favourite of mine.

The extended dinner sequence with Jake and Neytiri bonding a little bit was a funny moment. I liked it because it was clear that Neytiri, despite her anger at Jake for forcing her to kill the Viperwolves earlier, finds herself liking Jake's sense of humour and is pleased by his appreciation for the Omaticaya's food, but hides her liking of him with a sneer. It was cute seeing Sam and Zoe Saldana play off each other.

The scene with Quaritch taking complete control of the operation would've been a great addition to the film as it shows that Quaritch is nothing more than a maniacal control freak. Stephen Lang really makes you hate his damn guts here, a sign of a great actor.

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