Did anyone notice two particular minor Na'vi characters who appeared here and there throughout the movie?

Remember those two hunters who were present when Jake was trying to bond with an ikran?

I spotted the female hunter just after Eytukan gave the order for everyone to go to the forest during the attack on Hometree, she looks at Jake for a moment before running off with the rest of the Na'vi.

I saw both the male and female hunters when Jake started walking through the Na'vi people after coming back to them on the Toruk, you can see both of them on the right corner of the screen if you look closely enough.

Also, during Tsu'tey and Jake's speech to the Omaticaya before the final battle, I saw the male hunter in the very next shot after Jake says "You tell them Toruk Makto calls to them".

Finally, when Tsu'tey is dying after the final battle, both the male and female hunters are right there with him, the female hunter is the one tending to Tsu'tey before calling over Jake and Neytiri, the male hunter is among the Na'vi warriors present.

Did anyone else noticed these two characters? I wouldn't be surprised if only a few actually have but I thought I'd comment on it just to see if anybody here recognised and noticed them pop up from time to time after Jake's first flight.

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