I am back and I have moved into my new apartment. Here is another blog for all to see. Today's topic is Sylwanin, the sister of Neytiri who died before the events of the film.

Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe it was Sylwanin who was responsible for the conflict between the RDA and the Omaticaya clan? If she and her friends had not set that bulldozer on fire out of frustration due to the clear cutting and got not only herself killed but a lot of other children slaughtered as well, then would the Omaticaya have any reason to hate the RDA? Would Eytukan and Mo'at have still banned them from coming to their land? Given that the massacre at Grace's school was the event that prompted the Omaticaya to keep the RDA away from Hometree and kill any trespassing Sky Person, could all of this been avoided if Sylwanin hadn't burn't a bulldozer?

What do you guys have to say about it?

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