Hello everybody, as you have maybe seen in other wikis, like The Last Airbender Wiki, they use a new feature called Article Comments. They replace the talk pages, and comments are up like blogs, so people can discuss about it. Like the discussion in the Last Airbender Wiki says: Article comments are a relatively new way to spruce up the wiki allowing readers (which are soon to come in an even more abundance) to give their say, regardless of how minuscule, about the article itself or its content. This is great to get us to gather more feedback from viewers, without even making them load the talk page and try to understand that they can give input (the conventional way is confusing.) Article comments have the potential to replace talk pages fully, however I wouldn't do this to such an extent, and continue to use talk pages for discussions or for generally bigger things; article comments are great in the 'Doesn't Aang like ... more than ...' styled-questions, which can usually get lost on talk pages, user talk pages, or even in blog comments. Enabling article comments would greatly improve the accuracy of our information (by allowing it to be challenged more easily) while not getting in the way. Also this Article Comments System has the potential to be very productive and a large help, as it could help pass messages about the articles in a simpler way. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to just try the comments system, and if later unwanted it could simply be disabled.

On the other hand, they may be useless. Some comments in the other wikis are rude and unusefull, like Neytiri is sooo hot, or Avatar sucked, bi"·$s!. That would give more work to the admins to delete those posts. I'm personally against the article comments, but some users in this community likes it, so I just decided to make a blog about them, so the community comes first.

So we decided to make a voting, but please also comment below to see your ideas.

Thanks, and happy editing!


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