James Cameron intends to complete his next film, another 3D epic, within three to four years – but will that film be Avatar 2?

Avatar director, James Cameron, isn’t slowing down. Even after spending ten years creating the most successful film of all time, Cameron is hopping right back onto the pre-production horse – with the intention of releasing his next film in “three to four years.”

The blockbuster director hasn’t been shy about the possibility of Avatar 2 but don’t expect any official sequel announcements any time soon.

If you’re looking at that short production time-frame and thinking Cameron might forfeit the 3D platform, in favor of a quicker turn-around on his next project, think again. Speaking at the recent All Things Digital Conference, Cameron made it clear that his next movie would continue to expand 3D film-making.

Even if the upcoming project isn’t an Avatar sequel, it will be “some other big film that uses that same technology.”

And why not? It’s a platform Cameron has been aggressively promoting – even so far as to convince NASA to include a 3D camera on their upcoming Curiosity Rover.

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