In the light of the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster, filming in the region has become a risky prospect – which is bad news for two upcoming movie sequels, ‘The Wolverine’ and James Cameron’s Avatar 2.

There are several big movies that were planning to shoot in and around Japan in the next year, but in the light of the recent earthquake/tsunami tragedy, and the continuing dangers plaguing the region, it’s unthinkable that anyone could hope to launch a major Hollywood production there anytime soon.

20th Century Fox currently currently has two major films that were slated to be in production the Pacific region: the comic book movie sequel The Wolverine and Avatar 2, the sequel to James Cameron’s 3D mega-smash hit.

The big selling point of Avatar 2 has been James Cameron’s claims that the film will explore the oceans of Pandora. In fact, the director – as ambitious and meticulous as he is – had even floated the idea of diving into the Mariana Trench, the deepest known part of the world, which is located in the Pacific Ocean (to the Southeast of Japan). There, Cameron planned to do research and filming on the trench that he would use to create the underwater world of Pandora, using new 3D camera technology that would allow him to film in the treacherous deep-sea environment.

Obviously, with major earthquakes and tsunamis striking the region (and continued seismographic instability), Cameron’s dive is now a risky venture. Corona Coming Attractions has a source claiming that Fox is not willing to risk the potential danger to the divers and even Cameron himself, as the insurance coverage for such an expedition is now too high, given recent developments. The fact that aftershocks from the quakes could continue to keep the region unstable for years to come is also not a promising sign. Needless to say, Cameron may have to rethink his approach to the Avatar sequel.

SOURCE: Screen Rant.

Now, let's put Avatar 2 aside to give a minute of our thoughts to the victims of the tragedy that is still striking Japan. You can donate money here. Please remember that they need our help, and they will help us when needed.

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