Two kids from Santa Barbara Middle School dressed up as Na'vi from "Avatar" to get an interview with director James Cameron on the red carpet at the Arlington Theater.

They told him that they are from another moon (not Pandora) that is orbiting the Polyphemus planet and they wanted to know how to get home. Cameron replied: "I can't say anything about the other moons and the Polyphemus system because that's top secret because they are going to appear in the sequel."

We previously reported that Cameron was considering leaving Pandora to explore the other moons, and apparently this is now the direction "Avatar 2" will be heading in.

I'm not sure who will actually travel to the other moons or for what reason. But we soon may get a few hints since Cameron is planning to write a book that will serve as a prequel to the first movie and will include a few details about what happens before "Avatar" and "Avatar 2."


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