Avatar Blu-ray
Hey everyone, now that the DVD/Blu-ray is available, critics have their own reviews, and guess what: they are extremely positive.

Exctrats from Hollywood News:

Wow. Really, wow. Just … unbelievable.

There is no drop off in visual quality. None. Yes, “Avatar” is presented in 2-D on the Blu-ray. But to date, this is the best-looking Blu-ray transfer of a film I’ve seen, and man, it ain’t even close.

Cameron’s visuals are razor sharp with no excessive brightness. Pandora’s colors burst off the screen, using a wide palette of blues and greens that I didn’t even know my television was capable of replicating. ’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this will be the film that inspires everyone on the planet to invest in Blu-ray technology.

He gave it 4/4 stars.

Exctracts from Real Loop:

In Short: flawless. Not a spec of artifacing, not a hint of interlacing, DNR, EE, everything is crystal clear, and wonderous to behold. This is the best the film has ever looked, even besting its theatrical presentation.

Every skin pore, every facial tic, every nook and cranny of the CGI is in full swing in this transfer, and it’s just gorgeous.

The audio: The last 20 minutes of the film alone, will blow you to the back of the room. Dialogue comes through clearly, and nothing is overshadowed, being be the loudest explosion, of the smallest sound of a bug flying around.

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