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Happy Birthday, Avatar Wiki!

It's hard to believe it's already been a full year since the Avatar Wiki was created. At first, I created the wiki just for fun, and I never imagined that it would reach such an amazing level of quality. After I saw the movie and experienced it, I had the hopes that it would attract hundreds of avid Avatar fans and they can hang out and discuss anything and everything related to James Cameron's masterpiece, and I think we've definitely succeeded in that regard. We would not have survived an entire year without each and every one of you guys that have made an immense amount of edits to the largest resource for free Avatar information and news. I'm honored to share this community with all of you hard workers, and I think the wiki has a very bright future ahead of it. I'm not sure what the wiki has coming its way in the coming months and years, but I'm confident that the wiki will continue to grow and expand by way of everyone's hard work. The wiki has undergone though several changes in the short period of just one year. When I created it, the first article I wrote was Pandora. There was only about one paragraph of information about the film, so I could only edit about 15 articles. As more information poured in, I was able to create more and more articles, and eventually new users came to my aid! That's when Faded-Myth, the second admin, was promoted. Together, we built the wiki together and requested a new skin, that is still being used on the German Avatar Wiki. When the movie was released, the activity went crazy, many users joined the wiki, and as I couldn't handle it all by myself, I promoted more users. After a lot of hard work by the community, the wiki became what it is now, a vast online resource for everything under the sun relating to Avatar.

Now, after 1 year, the wiki has been spotlighted twice, and it is considered as the seventh best Movie Wiki in Wikia. Remember that thanks to all of you this has become possible. Special thanks to our admins and rollbacks, who are our most trusted users.

I would just like to say, thank you all for making this wiki such a truly amazing place, and for establishing a community that is one of the most fun-loving and caring communities around. You guys and gals are the heart and soul of this place, and I know that, through your hard work, the wiki will continue to thrive and amass all of the quality information about the thing that brings us all together: Avatar.

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