Article thanks to Coventry Telegraph

NO ONE can deny the enormity of James Cameron's Avatar now that it has set a new world record at the box office with $1.924billion.

But it's only been on release for six weeks so that figure is going to keep on rising.

The previous all-time record-holder was Cameron's Titanic, which raked in $1.843billion globally when released back in 1997.

However, there's another major factor to consider - the difference in ticket prices between 1997 and today. On those grounds, Avatar could be heading for a $3billion haul.

And here's how. By dividing Titanic's total by the average cinema admission price in its year of release, we can estimate that 402 million tickets were sold.

Avatar's total - to date - indicates that, on average, 258 million tickets have been sold. If the same number of people end up seeing Avatar as saw Titanic, then the movie would rocket to a mind-blowing $3billion tally.

It may sound astronomical. However, these two blockbusters are blown away by 1939's Gone with the Wind.

The enduring adaptation of Margaret Mitchell's sweeping novel has a worldwide box office gross of $400 million.

At 1939 prices, it would indicate that 1.74 billion tickets were sold, which if taken at face value would mean the equivalent of three-quarters of the earth's population at the time went to see Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in the romantic epic!

If Gone with the Wind were released today, and the same number of tickets were sold, its total would be...wait for it... $13 billion, an astonishing six times the current gross of Avatar. At this point, that seems pretty untouchable.

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