As almost nobody reads the Staff Blogs of Wikia, I'll post it right here. It's the official blog for the badges, and they mention our wiki! Special thanks to Samsonius who designed the badges. Great work!

We're excited to announce a great new addition to the Wikia feature set -- Achievements! Achievements can help you build a bit of friendly editing competition on your wiki, encourage your readers to become editors and recognize contributions.

With this dynamic new feature you can automatically earn "Badges" for making edits, adding pictures, writing blog posts and contributing to your wiki in other ways. Each badge that you earn gives you achievement points and contributors with the most points score a spot on the wiki's leaderboard.

You'll have a basic set of badges to get started or you can customize the names and images of each badge to fit your wiki's topic. The James Cameron's Avatar Wiki has done an awesome job with this, customizing each badge to fit the world of Pandora. For example, if you make 100 edits, you get the Nawm Tsamsiyu (Great Warrior) badge -- which is totally fierce and awesome looking!

If you're interested in adding Achievements to your wiki send a request to Special:Contact. See you on the leaderboard!

Go to the link to see some examples and to comment if you wish so.


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