As some of you may have seen the last few days, I've recently created our own Avatar Answers Wiki, where you can submit your question, and then get the answer from all users from all around the world. The Answers Wiki in general were created by Wikia Inc., and the URL is

I requested Draginfli a logo, and he made a great one, which you can still see in the Wiki. But a few minutes ago, Tectonium showed me another logo, so, with the help of FreakyTy, I decided to make it fair, a poll. But as there are only two possible logos, I this idea: users can submit their own logo, and then we'll make a poll. So anyone can create one, and we'll choose the favorite.

Remember, to create a logo you need to:

  • The image has to be 216x155
  • It has to include Avatar Answer Wiki
  • You need to add a picture of the movie
  • You need to be creative ;)
  • One person can only make one image

If your logo is the winner:

  • You'll get an special mention in the MediaWiki:Sitenotice and in the Answers Wiki itself
  • You'll get an special userbox

We invite all the users to submit their own logos!

Almost forgot to mention, all submissions are available until Sunday 18, then we'll proceed to vote.

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