For unknown reasons this topic was deleted earlier on in the day. I honestly cant see the reason for that, so I've decided to once again re-post what I had to say.

If many of you dont know what Habbo is, I cant exactly explaining it too you in a lot of detail. Basicly you have Avatars which you can customize, and even make them have blue skin. You can create rooms, make friends, chat virtually, and one thing which is important is that you can set up roleplaying groups. Now, if you did not read the post I had made earlier on, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in setting up an Avatar roleplay. Based eaither after, or within the time period of the game and could involve Na'vi vs Human action, Avatar vs Na'vi action, or Na'vi clans against Na'vi clans. There would be over four clans overall, the Omaticaya being one. Like Harry Potter roleplays there will be a green clan, red clan (clan from the game, Avatar), blue clan ( Omaticaya Clan) and green clan. Main characters from games and movies can be available, but created characters could also be created. The three groups of species would be of course, the Na'vi, the humans, and the Avatars. Avatars can fight either with the RDA, or a Na'vi clan. Fights, hunts, and parties could be established regularly, and a great Avatar Society on Habbo could be put into place. Roles like Jake, Neytiri (account already created by Me, but is still up for grabs), Norm. Tsu'Tey and others could be given to Mods, or roleplayers who are very talented and can portray the roles well. If you're RDA, rooms would be mainly grey, and very mordern. If Na'vi, rooms would be lush and forest like. If anyone is enterested please let me know, and let others know. Hopefully this post doesn't get deleted.

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