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  • Mithdraz

    Alice in Wonderland is kicking out Avatar!!!!
    in the mean time prices up by 45% for tickets!!!??

    "February 3, 2010 - Source: Fandango: Now that "Avatar" has been nominated for nine Academy Awards, ticket demand on Fandango has increased by 45% for the movie, which means that James Cameron's sci-fi epic will continue to dominate the box office charts for weeks to come. Unfortunately for "Avatar," its deal with theater owners to take up 3D screens runs out on March 5th to make way for Disney's "Alice in Wonderland." Since 70% of all ticket sales came from 3D showings, it is expected that the film's theatrical run will quickly come to an end soon after.

    What's worse is that March 5th is just two days before the Academy Awards are presented and …

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  • Mithdraz

    Darn spelt beauty wrong... fail, need to watch when i type.. my bad.. Well here I will post some really big nice pictures of Avatar and Pandora,etc that i really like, and anyone else can post some pictures from Avatar that are Amazing as well. Hope i can copy and paste all of these :) hope you all enjoy them as much as i do :D the sprite one is my background now.

    Same link as you go down thepage, but here it is again for those people who didnt see it. its for all you NEYTIRI Lovers :) :

    Note these are not my pictures, just pictures from ImageShack that i found.
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  • Mithdraz

    Need some help, any ideas?

    January 27, 2010 by Mithdraz

    I know its other's opinions, but im tired of hearing it.. 3 more people today just tipped it for me, 1 not even going to see it because of what people said about it to him.. Saying oh its only Dancing with Wolves with tall Smurfs and its Pocahantus.... What are facts or opinions that will smack them in the face and make them speechless because i just prooved that they are completely different.. Not because of the millions and millions of dollars of difference, to better rating, to graphics. Anyone have any facts that will shut them up, and make them realize that its just what lame people think and dont see the real depth of the movie and just judges it on its cover image..

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  • Mithdraz

    Hey all again, since we all seem to Love Avatar and have many common ideas and views on life, i want to really check if we all have a similar personality.
    This is the personality test to use, its really in depth and scared me how similar my ideas on life was with what the test told me.

    This is the test

    its kinda lengthy, but its really in depth.
    once you answered submited you are given 4 LETTERS.

    Then go to this site for the description

    once there click your letter type and read what kind of person you seem to be.
    then just write what letters you are and the name the potraits give you

    Hope everyone tries it, really want to know if we are really similar :)


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  • Mithdraz

    Wow... China really??

    January 20, 2010 by Mithdraz

    On January 19, 2010, Hong Kong's Apple Daily reported that the state-run China Film Group had ordered cinemas across the country to stop showing the 2-D version of the film and only show the film in 3-D. Due to the lack of cinemas in China with 3-D technology, this effectively prevented the film’s general distribution in China. The Apple Daily also reported that the Central Publicity Department had issued an order to the media prohibiting it from hyping up Avatar.[137]

    Chinese bloggers argued the measures were due to parallels between the plight of the film's Na'vi creatures – who are forced to flee their homes – and the forced evictions in China, and so was banned over possible concerns that it could lead to civil unrest.[138] The Apple Daily als…

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