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Mithdraz January 10, 2010 User blog:Mithdraz

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Well im pretty sure this happened to many people, after seeing avatar they felt something deep inside them; a wake up call you would say. So, as funny as it may seem, I'm trying to live life now always asking myself... lol, "What would the Na'vi do, with Jake Sully's street smarts as well." Since the Na'vi didnt really now what modern human life can do, thats why i added Jake's smarts as well as the Na'vi, but the Na'vi in my life on the right thing to do when an action is called upon. So far for many things already, it was a little bit easier to make the decision, the right decision, on things. Like before the movie, i usually fell to the easier, selfsatisfying choice; but now after changing, and having something to fight for (a future "one" with the world) things have been turning out much better. I now go out of my way to help, expecting nothing in return; because i know that its the right thing and will add up to make the world a better place, because every little action adds up with yourself and everyone around the world. Everything is linked around the world that will react and act to something else, like building a network of influence of what we believe is right. Yeah it was hard giving to the wrong choices, but after remembering on what i want to do with my life it gave me that extra support to choice right, something that im fighting for; to the death. Doing what needs to be done, no matter if you like it or not; but also need to be smart about it "Jake smart" lol on all the bad out there, to fight it when it is infront of you trying to hurt you. You also can,t trust anyone in this "world" now adays, sometimes even yourself... So again just keeping your guard up always, but still have that eco/betterworld-friendly mindset with it. Just being someone in the world where you stand out in greatness of yourself. And to live life as the greatness you see for a great future for the world, not to change people but to inspire people, hoping they will "SEE" as we do! :)

~Dream, Work Hard, Never Give Up, and Kick Ass!
(you can say these are the standards of my life) ;)

Just something i though i'd share with everyone since its such a big leap for me in life.

Hope to see The vision of one goal, pursued by many!
~Mithdraz ;)

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