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~Avatar and IMAX 3D~

Mithdraz January 5, 2010 User blog:Mithdraz

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wow i didnt know the entrance of the movie theaters was a gateway to Pandora and back?!?! and wow light years in a mear line of 12 feet?!?!?

It was the most realistic thing ive ever seen EXPERIENCED!! The suround sound with bass, Big/3D/Vivid Images. Everytime the sound of an explosion went off i felt it vibrate my body do to the bass. It was amazing. I thought 2D and Digital 3D were great, but IMAX took it to a whole new system!! I mean wow the sound was just unbelievably realistic!!
If you haven't seen it in IMAX 3D, go buy your ticket to fly to Pandora and back today!!

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