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Are we all really that in common?

Mithdraz January 21, 2010 User blog:Mithdraz

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Hey all again, since we all seem to Love Avatar and have many common ideas and views on life, i want to really check if we all have a similar personality.
This is the personality test to use, its really in depth and scared me how similar my ideas on life was with what the test told me.

This is the test

its kinda lengthy, but its really in depth.
once you answered submited you are given 4 LETTERS.

Then go to this site for the description

once there click your letter type and read what kind of person you seem to be.
then just write what letters you are and the name the potraits give you

Hope everyone tries it, really want to know if we are really similar :)

I'm an INFJ- The Protector

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