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Mithdraz January 5, 2010 User blog:Mithdraz

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Has anyone tried this? You get them crom Big Macs at Mcdonals. well I got one card, to get to the special features you need 2 cards and punch in the code for 2 of the 3 levels, first one is free and doesnt need one. they are 360 degree maps where you click hidden objects to win, finding 10 you got to next level, there are 3 total and you won all 3 you get to special features... sadly im going back to mc donalds to get another Big Mac because i want to see the special features.. so once i get it ill come back and post what it is for all us fans :)

Oh and the second thing you get with the cards:

Requires: a camera with your computer that you can link up and what it is when you run it, is you hold the card in from of the screen, which you can move the card anyway and any angle, but what shows on your monitor is the card, but you dont see the card, but you see a screen playing, like a HOLOGRAM :O its actually crazy. samething goes to that coke commercial if anyone remembers the air vehical moving with the drink, kinda similar.
But if anyone already has done this please give some feed back :)

oh and there is 8 different cards to collect, i have the 2 out of 8 one, its Neytiri :)

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