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Wow... China really??

Mithdraz January 20, 2010 User blog:Mithdraz

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On January 19, 2010, Hong Kong's Apple Daily reported that the state-run China Film Group had ordered cinemas across the country to stop showing the 2-D version of the film and only show the film in 3-D. Due to the lack of cinemas in China with 3-D technology, this effectively prevented the film’s general distribution in China. The Apple Daily also reported that the Central Publicity Department had issued an order to the media prohibiting it from hyping up Avatar.[137]

Chinese bloggers argued the measures were due to parallels between the plight of the film's Na'vi creatures – who are forced to flee their homes – and the forced evictions in China, and so was banned over possible concerns that it could lead to civil unrest.[138] The Apple Daily also reported that Avatar made almost £45m during the two weeks it played in China; the film becoming the top-grossing film in the nation's history led some to believe that the Chinese authorities were worried Avatar had seized the market share from domestic films; they cited that many of the vacant cinema slots will be replaced by a state-funded biopic, Confucius.
(this one is from

But tones more about China's government not being so nice to Avatar..

Funny thing is many families in China are being forcfully moved so the government can build a Dam to creat power, and many other things to make people move for resources.. guess we arent really that far from the RDA after all...

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