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Unboxing The Exclusive Collector's Edition

Hear is my Avatar Exclusive Collector's Edition Limited Edition No.0238.

I got it on Saturday the 13/11/2010, 2 days before the official UK release on 15/11/2010. So this is what I got in it and I will like to share it with you.

  • 1 - 3 Disc Collector's Edition
  • 1 - Frame from the Premiere film reel sign by James .J. Cameron
  • 1 - 46 page The Making Of Avatar book
  • All in a 2 layer foam padded 29cm, 24cm (9"½ ,11"¼) box.

Note: I have blocked out codes in 2 of the images.

3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 1
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 2
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 3
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 4
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 5
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 6
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 7
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 8
3 Disc E.C.E.L.E 9

Oh and if someone wants to make an article on this they can do.

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