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January 8, 2011
  • Na'viJay1


    November 9, 2011 by Na'viJay1

    i am sick of every single one of you people yall can all go to heck especially FAERN, TSU'TEY AND ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE THAT I'VE HAD A PROBLEM WITH. when i type a blog i expect people to comment on that not somethin esle, that just takes up room on that blog . and tsu'tey butt the heck off i don't need your lame butt input what the heck are you anyway the friken tresurer of this wiki . i love avatar don't get me wrong but you guys make me want to flip a table over . and go head post all the stupid little comments u want I DONT CARE it will just go on on on on and on so screw all of you and faern im not a physic but i think i see a blokage coming. thank you all for screwing this experience up for me i really apprciate it "KIYEVAME"

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  • Na'viJay1


    October 4, 2011 by Na'viJay1

    the direhorse is such a cool animal in this movie .i mean you can ride them and what really cool about ti is that they don't even have to hold on to anything. i really like how their saddles look too. its like they are sitting on chairs it is so cool. you can also train a horse to ride without the reins. if i had a horse i would tell the saddle making people to make me a saddle like the na'vi's cause it looks so comfortable to sit on and to ride on especially during the war. what i thought they should have done was have the driehorses come from 2 different sides the na'vi would have been victorious down there.

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  • Na'viJay1


    July 11, 2011 by Na'viJay1

    eytukan, omaticaya's olo'eyktan and mate of Moat he did his very best to protect his clan.Grace did her best as well but when the slywannin incident they had no choice but to ban her and the rest of the skypeople. even eytukan started to like jake but he started to like him as part as the people not as neytiri's mate and when jake confessed of his plot of spying on them and how they were coming to destroy their hometree all the respect that he had for jake went down the drain when eytukan told everyone to run to the forest that part got me very nervous and being that close to the hometree while the RDA was shooting missiles at it was very dangerous but you gotta do what you gotta do when you are olo'eyktan and it was horrible had that piec…

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  • Na'viJay1


    July 10, 2011 by Na'viJay1

    hometree the safest place for a navi tribe to live but not for long the RDA just p'd me off with all this crap that didn't need to happen. the people each have a place to call their own and that hometree was their's and their gonna knock it down because of a rock. after all the crap the na'vi have been through i wouldn't have believed jake either i don't blame the na'vi for not listening. i blame jake for not telling the truth at the very beginning i mean there were no cameras least in the hometree there wasn't. i would have just told them that the skypeople were planning to tear down their home and they all could have sneaked around the barrirer and attack hells gate when they least expected it. well the war is done the skypeopl…

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  • Na'viJay1

    Tsu'tey's death

    June 30, 2011 by Na'viJay1

    one of the saddest parts in the movie and i mean honestly i just wish that he didn't die it was so emotionol knew that he was going to die at the end but they won anyway even with the help of EYWA he was either going to suffer and die or just bleed to death but i think taking his life was the right thing to do i know we may hear his name in Avatar 2 probably they may tell stories about him to the na'vi kids but Tsu'tey was my favorite character and seeing him die at the end just mad me upset because i really wanted to see hime in Avatar 2 but like i said we may hear his name again

    Tsutey R.I.P with EYWA .[1]

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