i think all the deleted scenes could have stayed in the the movie no matter how long it was i would have sat down and watched no matter how long it was . if anyone was a huge avatar fan they would to . with Grace talking about Sylwannin i stil don't think that was enough info on her for me why couldnt have that occured in the movie or at least showed us a flashback

if James would have kept on that on there and made it 1 big movie that would have been cool but i know all my characters and know what was occuring

Many growns watch this movie and don't understand that's becuz they don't "see" you know what i mean. like Neytiri said on the deleted scenes "when you see nothing , you will see everything"

its not like they will sit down and watch it . how many of you are such big fans that you've sent James Cameron letters well i have i sent him two actually and didnt get one written back

i think this movie is so cool and just out of this world !

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