eytukan, omaticaya's olo'eyktan and mate of Moat he did his very best to protect his clan.Grace did her best as well but when the slywannin incident they had no choice but to ban her and the rest of the skypeople. even eytukan started to like jake but he started to like him as part as the people not as neytiri's mate and when jake confessed of his plot of spying on them and how they were coming to destroy their hometree all the respect that he had for jake went down the drain when eytukan told everyone to run to the forest that part got me very nervous and being that close to the hometree while the RDA was shooting missiles at it was very dangerous but you gotta do what you gotta do when you are olo'eyktan and it was horrible had that piece of wood just went right through him and neytiri finding him just lying there was sad and how he gave her his bow. well with eytukan and tsu'tey gone jake is now olo'eyktan R.I.P Eytukan


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