hometree the safest place for a navi tribe to live but not for long the RDA just p'd me off with all this crap that didn't need to happen. the people each have a place to call their own and that hometree was their's and their gonna knock it down because of a rock. after all the crap the na'vi have been through i wouldn't have believed jake either i don't blame the na'vi for not listening. i blame jake for not telling the truth at the very beginning i mean there were no cameras least in the hometree there wasn't. i would have just told them that the skypeople were planning to tear down their home and they all could have sneaked around the barrirer and attack hells gate when they least expected it. well the war is done the skypeople have left so whats the future for the na'vi now. i know the forest will grow back but what about the na'vi themselves where are they going to live. i guess we just have to wait and see because the next A

the OMATICAYA hometree

VATAR will be all about the Na'vi.

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