all i can say is wow to be able to ride on the back of one of those would bethe highight of my life the na'vi had to make tsaheylu with one of the ikrans to become a hunter and a test they'd have to pass to become part of the people especially when at the end they fought from the back of them i be it was had to dodge he bullets and stuff that he RDA were firing at them but wen the na'i feel of the back of their ikran ayou could see it in te movie it was just terrible to watch and with Neytiri's ikran seze dead R.I.P SEZE. i dont know what she might do according to the movie a hunter will fly with only 1 hunter the whole life so that will be interesting if i had the chance to be on the back of one would just be out of this world cool!!!


Jake's Ikran

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