the na'vi the coolest spieces i've heard of the most flexible the most strongest people i think it was kind of jank how the RDA just came to their land and just made it look like crap everything was cool they had a school and everything was in place until the slywannin incident but i can relate to why she did that she was upset and i can understand that the RDA had no right to do that to them they have been living in hatred of the skypeople bow and arrows did the job but the the skypeople had guns it was just horrible but the na'vi came back at the end thanks to the ikrans in the sky and the viperwolves and strumbeasts but in the extended colleters edition when jake put his hand on neytiri's belly did that mean that she was pregnat the na'vi had alot of wepons most of them you had to get close up to the people and that meant death but at the end when the na'vi sent all the people back that was funy they deserved that
Ready to serve the Omaticaya


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