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Na'viJay1 November 9, 2011 User blog:Na'viJay1

i am sick of every single one of you people yall can all go to heck especially FAERN, TSU'TEY AND ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE THAT I'VE HAD A PROBLEM WITH. when i type a blog i expect people to comment on that not somethin esle, that just takes up room on that blog . and tsu'tey butt the heck off i don't need your lame butt input what the heck are you anyway the friken tresurer of this wiki . i love avatar don't get me wrong but you guys make me want to flip a table over . and go head post all the stupid little comments u want I DONT CARE it will just go on on on on and on so screw all of you and faern im not a physic but i think i see a blokage coming. thank you all for screwing this experience up for me i really apprciate it "KIYEVAME"

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