• Na'vii

    Take a look at this:

    Btw I don't like WOW or play it or whatever, THE POINT IS their forum layout. You can find stuff, and see who posted last in that forum, and it's not a mess.

    Can we get something like that going here?

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  • Na'vii

    The soundtrack is about an hour and ten minutes long, and while it doesn't cover the full 2+ hours of film, it does offer a backdrop for some of the more important scenes.

    I've seen the movie enough times to be able to relate certain musical elements to parts of the movie. I can listen to the songs and imagine the movie, and while not the real experience, it does offer a outlet for Pandoran home-sickness. =)

    When I have more time I will post the events that occur in the movie during that particular song, along with the rough time estimations for each event.

    I do need some help - I will list the tracks and my knowledge of the events that occur.

    Track 1 - "You Don't Dream in Cryo..." - I know it

    Track 2 - Jake Enters His Avatar World - I know it


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  • Na'vii

    What is from James Cameron?

    January 7, 2010 by Na'vii

    Okay, we're creating a database for the Avatar Universe created by James Cameron. I want to know, what is really his ideas and what was not?

    Here's a list.

    Avatar the Movie - Totally all James Cameron. The 3d designers had some wiggle room but overall I think James knew what he wanted.

    Avatar the Game (PC, Xbox, Ps3) - I don't know. I know there was a lot of talking between Ubisoft and James, but was it his storyline?

    Avatar the Game (Mobile) - No idea.

    Avatar Books - None are written by him, does anyone know what influence he had on them? I do not own any.

    Avatar Action figures - Straight out of the movie, so directly directed by the director.

    Avatar Posters - Same ^

    What else?

    Post all that you know so that we can find out what is James' vision a…

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