Okay, we're creating a database for the Avatar Universe created by James Cameron. I want to know, what is really his ideas and what was not?

Here's a list.

Avatar the Movie - Totally all James Cameron. The 3d designers had some wiggle room but overall I think James knew what he wanted.

Avatar the Game (PC, Xbox, Ps3) - I don't know. I know there was a lot of talking between Ubisoft and James, but was it his storyline?

Avatar the Game (Mobile) - No idea.

Avatar Books - None are written by him, does anyone know what influence he had on them? I do not own any.

Avatar Action figures - Straight out of the movie, so directly directed by the director.

Avatar Posters - Same ^

What else?

Post all that you know so that we can find out what is James' vision and what is other peoples.

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