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    Avatar museum

    December 1, 2010 by NaviCore

    "Avatar" director James Cameron says he and Paul Allen — co-founder of Seattle's Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum — "love to geek out together" about science fiction.

    That friendship has led to something tangible for Seattle's sci-fi fans: "Avatar: The Exhibition," a collection of memorabilia from the 2009 blockbuster film, will be launched at the museum beginning June 4.

    The exhibit will include some 40 to 50 artifacts from the film, such as costumes, props, concept models and sketches, said museum associate curator Brooks Peck.

    Also included will be several interactive displays in which visitors can experiment with concepts explored by Cameron while making the film: performance capture, virtual cameras, sound design and the N…

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  • NaviCore

    Cool, check it out!

    These are offical Avatar phone cases, they are not knock-offs!

    They are really cool, I know there isn't much point in showing you guys these, and you probs don't care but I think you should enjoy the bright vivid colours....

    Anyway, I would also like to ask you this; do you think the humans of the avatar universe use some sort of phones? And what you think about these avatar phones, and also do you think there would be documentaries about the Na'vi on earth?

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    Look what came up in my subscription box today!

    Enjoy the trailer for Avatar special edition on Blu-ray and DVD.

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    Director James Cameron is preparing to dive to the deepest point of the oceans, it was revealed Sunday, as part of his research for a sequel to "Avatar," his 3D epic.

    He has commissioned Australian engineers to build a deep sea submersible which can reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench - 36,000ft (10.9km) down in the western Pacific - after deciding to set the film in the turbulent waters of Pandora, an alien moon.

    The vessel will be fitted with 3D cameras designed by Cameron so that he can take unprecedented footage of such depths and, if he wants to, fill it with digitally created monsters for Avatar 2.

    The muddy, rocky Mariana Trench, which could swallow Mount Everest, has been visited by man only once.

    In May 1960, a submersible called t…

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  • NaviCore

    This is a review of the special edition and the 3-D as it was the first time I saw it in 3-D.


    The new bits seem not to kill the flow of the movie, but who am I to say as I saw the movie loads of times! I loved every second of the new scenes, I really liked neytiri explaining her name to jake, and it was SOO funny when she said HELL YEAAH! The emotional scene with tsu'tey was very good, but even tho' jake is reluctant to kill tsu'tey, he just sorta kills him with no emotion...which I found disturbing! lol.

    -THE 3-D-

    I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with the 3-d, but, I saw it in regular 3-d not Imax, anyway, the 3-d really immerses you in pandora, I felt I could reach out and touch the woodsprites, I felt the flys buzzing around my h…

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