This is a review of the special edition and the 3-D as it was the first time I saw it in 3-D.


The new bits seem not to kill the flow of the movie, but who am I to say as I saw the movie loads of times! I loved every second of the new scenes, I really liked neytiri explaining her name to jake, and it was SOO funny when she said HELL YEAAH! The emotional scene with tsu'tey was very good, but even tho' jake is reluctant to kill tsu'tey, he just sorta kills him with no emotion...which I found disturbing! lol.

-THE 3-D-

I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with the 3-d, but, I saw it in regular 3-d not Imax, anyway, the 3-d really immerses you in pandora, I felt I could reach out and touch the woodsprites, I felt the flys buzzing around my head! I saw those ashes when hometree was chopped n' blow'd up. The pandoran atmosphere feels much bigger and more realistic in 3-D.

Thanks for reading this review, and remember this is MY review and NOT yours!

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